And now for something completely different

A blog update?

Apparently these aren’t going to happen very regularly, but I’m determine to update at least once a month. Aside from trying to get over an annoying little head cold, I’ve been putting work into a few different things over the past month. Commissions, personal projects, and just the work involved in getting ready upcoming shows in October and November. To kick things off, here is my newest piece:

terracottabunnysmall8″ x 8″
gouache on watercolor paper

I was really inspired to do this piece after seeing a few other beautiful pieces by other illustrators, such as Emma Block’s travel drawings and Hannah Holmes’ surface designs.

I liked the idea of doing a nice garden scene with some plants in terracotta pots, but I really loved the thought of seeing them from above: a slightly unusual angle. And of course I had to throw a fat little rabbit in there as the star of the painting. I’m actually ridiculously proud with how this turned out, and when I compare it to my earlier pieces, I think it’s especially telling with how far I’ve come.

Something else (again, completely different) I took a bit of time to work on was this design:


I applied for a job as a designer at a local screen printing shop and was given a design challenge to complete. Basically, I was meant to create a t-shirt design for an imaginary restaurant in an imaginary town, incorporating tropical elements and a feminine, vintage look. I was limited to three colors, plus the base color. They mentioned they liked my design very much, but I unfortunately did not get the job. It was interesting to create something so different than my usual, though, and I may recycle the border for something else later on.

Last but not least, in a quick bit of news, I have joined together with my cousin to work on a childrens’ book based on my postman rabbit. He’ll be writing the story, I’ll be illustrating. He’s been given complete control over the story, and I’m really looking forward to what ideas he can churn out involving this character. I’ll be sure to keep the updates on this endeavor coming!


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