New work!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway earlier this month. The winner was chosen and contacted, but I hope to do another in the future! I do have a couple of new pieces to show now, though.

First of all is one of my Christmas card designs for this year. I’m trying to complete three of them before November and I normally scramble to finish, so I had to get a head start this year!

I like a more elegant Santa than the norm, so I went for a semi-art nouveau inspired Father Christmas for this one. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I’m looking forward to doing more Santas in the future now that I know I can make it work out for me.

These cards are already being sold on my etsy shop.

Next is my little postman bunny again!:

I love this little fellow too much to stop painting him, so I thought he deserved to be painted having a little break at the end of a hard day.

This picture is actually very similar to something I painted in 2013 for a Christmas card.It’s an interesting and sort of embarrassing comparison, but I’d like to share that old painting with you anyway:


It’s kind of amazing how much of a difference three years can make! I was just learning to use gouache in the above painting. You can see how washed out it is compared to what I do now. It’s definitely become one of my favorite mediums, though, and I’m always happy to use it.

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