Too much new artwork

Long time, no update. I guess I tend to aim to update this when I have more than one piece to share, but in the end, it always slips my mind! I have a lot to share this time, five paintings, in fact so I hope you all enjoy them.

Now that it’s near its end, I suppose I should share what my goal for 2016 was: paint more backgrounds! Prior to this year, I mainly went with solid colors or backgrounds added in digitally in post. Sometimes I still want to go this route, but it really is a lot more satisfying to have it done and over with when I scan the piece. I feel like you really see that goal a lot in most of these pieces.

These are my last two Christmas card designs for the year. So far, the little bunny and the letterbox seems to be the favorite with other people and with myself. The sketch was atrocious, so I’m really glad I turned out a happy with it as I did. I am, however, very happy with the trees in the Santa painting.

I’ve always wanted to do a painting like this, sort of like a scientific illustration but prettied up a little more. I just really like bees? The big fluffy ones especially. They’re so helpful.

I always try to get an autumn-related painting out if I can manage, so that’s where this guy came from. I’m particularly fond of his purple vest. He’s very stylish. This painting especially is where I think “more backgrounds 2016” helped. All that grass took forever, but I feel like it was well worth it.

This is my most recent! Sort of back to the solid backgrounds of old, but this piece was obviously meant to be more stylized. I did an elephant with a similar motif a few years ago, but I thought he could use something of an update.

That’s all for now. I hope Canadians had a good Thanksgiving earlier last month, and I hope Americans have a good Thanksgiving next week!

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